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Have you ever woken from a dream that struck you as being something more? Perhaps you thought it was even a message from God for your future. In the pages of this book we will explore the biblical basis for divine dreams. The Scriptures are clear: God sent messages to his people in dreams. Some of these messages were warnings, others spoke of calling and destiny, and yet others held timely encouragement to keep going. I have great news to share with you: God is still speaking to his people in dreams. Recent history shows how God spoke in dreams to our modern-day heroes. These messages given in dreams in the night saved lives and rescued destinies. I also share with you my personal experience with divine dreams. I am daily living the results of paying attention to dreams. God began showing me the face of my adopted daughter in dreams years before she was born. I firmly believe God delights in sharing the secrets of His heart with His friends, and sometimes He does that in the night as we sleep. What secrets could God be waiting to share with you in the night?

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